Evolution Running - Run Faster and Farther With Fewer Injuries

Evolution Running - Benefits



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Reduce the energy cost of sustained fast running with efficient technique

We all want to run faster. We train to get stronger, but we ignore improving technique. Our research shows that runners of all levels can improve efficiency by 4.5 to 8 percent by improving technique. This is a huge amount of additional speed. 4.5 percent of an hour is 2 minutes and 42 seconds. Continue training hard to improve fitness, but don't ignore the aspect of preparation that offers the greatest amount of additional speed.

"Being in the military, I've seen so many people incur injuries from running, including myself. I've started using the techniques and doing the drills and can't believe the improvements it has allowed me to do in my PT test running times. After the required two miles, my thighs don't even feel like they ran. Prior to Evolution Running, after the first 1/2 mile, my thighs felt so taxed it made the run an absolute grueling feat. - Darren Robinson

Have Fewer, Less Severe Injuries

Minimize impact stress and shift it to the shock-absorbing tissues.

Injuries are an ever-present risk for runners. Staying healthy is a major aspect of maximizing performance and minimizing enjoyment of running. Evolution Running will teach you how to run without hitting the ground as hard and to use the elastic tissues in your legs so that you run on your natural springs. You will run faster and farther, suffer from far fewer injuries, and have a lot more fun running.

Recover Faster From Workouts

Reduce damage to muscles and connective tissues.

Accelerating workout recovery allows longer and harder workouts without overtraining. The techniques of Evolution Running reduce impact stress, lactic acid accumulation, and muscular micro-trauma. This allows you to recover more quickly between long and hard workouts, which will make you a better runner.

Avoid Braking With Every Stride

Let off the brakes and carry momentum efficiently from one stride to the next.

Most runners, even very good ones, slow down every time a foot hits the ground. They expend enormous energy just to re-accelerate back to running speed every stride. This makes sustained fast running exhausting! Learn how to time your stride so that you carry momentum efficiently. Let off the brakes and see how fast you are and how great it feels.

Reduce Vertical Displacement

Running up and down wastes energy and increases impact stress. Learn to run horizontally.

We all know intuitively that up and down movements in the running stride are not efficient. Yet how many runners have analyzed how they could adjust their strides to run without excess up and down movement? Evolution Running will teach you how.

Feel fresher at the end of long runs:

Stop beating yourself up when you run.

We all know how beat up we can feel at the end of a long or hard run. The techniques of Evolution Running: Use your elastic tissues, instead of your bones, to carry your weight and absorb impact stress. Reduce use of fast-twitch fibers, which aren't made for endurance. Require less forceful muscular contractions to generate speed. All of these leave you feeling fresher and stronger at the end of long or hard runs. You'll feel tired because you got a good workout, but you won't feel beat up.